About Us

Scappoose High School

               Grant Watts Elementary

Otto Petersen Elementary

Scappoose School District Office:

Scappoose School District
33589 SE High School Way
Scappoose, OR  97056
fax - 503-543-7011

  • Janet Wentz Program Specialist for Special Education, ELL & TAG, Administrative Assistant to Director of Student Services

  • Shelli Feakin - Accounts Payable, District Purchasing, Free and Reduced Meal Applications

  • Julie Barker - Payroll and Benefits (OEBB, American Fidelity)

  • Julie Hinkle - Executive Assistant to Superintendent and Secretary to Board of Directors, District Communications (Website, Facebook)
  • Lindsay Elder - District Office Receptionist, Administrative Assistant to Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Secondary Education, District Communications (Website, Facebook, Blackboard, Newsletter)