Agriculture in Schuyler County- Diverse and Valuable!

Schuyler County's farmland provides benefits to residents and visitors alike. Among these are food production, open space, rural character, and economic vitality.

Locally-produced foods and food products are readily accessible. Outlets include the Schuyler Farm Market in Montour Falls, roadside stands, wineries and gift shops.

Tourists appreciate the working landscape of cultivated fields, farms and pastures found throughout Schuyler County. The vistas are interesting and lively because of agriculture.

Local government and community services are supported in part by taxes on the sizable investment in land and buildings owned by farmers. Agriculture requires only a small portion of public services in return.

Schuyler County agriculture generated more int $21 million in sales in 2005, not including wineries. When the secondary impacts of agriculture are considered, and lumber, wood products and wineries are included, the total economic benefit to the County approaches $76 million.

Cornell Cooperative Extension provides are agriculture interests with the knowledge, information and resources needed to promote the continued development of agriculture, which benefits everyone.

CCE Forage Exchange

A CCE Forage Exchange has been created to assist farmers affected by the recent flooding.  Farmers who have available product can post it on the Exchange via a link on the front page of the Main CCE Website.  (  

For information on how to prepare for and cope with the effects of emergencies and disasters, visit the Extension Disaster Education Network website by clicking here

Information about floodproofing techniques can be found here:

A series of 1-page fact sheets summarizing NFIP floodplain development standards (applicable to NY) and a checklist to assist with the permit process can be found here:

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