School Counseling Page

The School Counseling Department designs and delivers a comprehensive school counseling program. It is a pro-active, prevention-based program that serves all students and is a collaborative effort between the school counselor, parents and other educators to create an environment that promotes student achievement.  It is an integral component of Arlington's academic mission and is driven by student data and is based on standards in academic, career and personal/social development. Parents are encouraged to schedule appointments with their child’s school counselor at any time to discuss these areas and to answer any questions and concerns. The School Counseling Department may specifically assist a student in the following ways:



  • individual student academic program planning
  • ongoing evaluation of student’s academic progress and success
  • academic counseling for at risk students
  • analyze and utilize school and student data
  • academic programs based on student needs



  • career information and exploration
  • development and clarification of career interests and goals
  • exploration of career resources



  • developmentally appropriate counseling lessons for every student on social skills and character education
  • Too Good for Violence Program provided to all students in order to teach pro-social skills
  • building parent, peer, and teacher relationships
  • referral and collaboration with social agencies and private counseling services
  • assist at risk students based on individual needs
  • personal/social programs based on student needs