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This year, you will make reading and writing connections using both fiction and nonfiction.

You'll read narratives which can be fictional or non-fictional
You'll write some too.

Your read theory user name begins with your own. Th password is 32 riders because there are 32 students in our classroom. 

You'll read informational pieces from which you will gain knowledge and form opinions.

The entire time, you will be learning vocabulary, sorting information, learning how to structure sentences in cursive with correct punctuation and capitalization.

Online books, reading and Lexile measures.
RAZ KidsLogin Instructions
Teacher: 4thgradeus
Student: Your name both first and last
What reading level is my book?
AR BookFinder
Readability Score Check the reading level of an article you find online.
NewsELA You select the topic from a list and you select the reading level of the article.
Skybrary This is an App that is available on iPads or Kindle (not on an Andriod yet) This app is really for kids who are a younger but work well for those who are fairly behind in 4th grade an may not enjoy reading. It will help them find their way
Chatting About Books from ReadWriteThink. This podcast hold interviews with authors and gives recommendations for young readers.
Fluency Timer
Telestory: A fun way for kids to summarize information verbally
Literary Device
Wordle Make a Wordle. This can be used to find the main idea in your own writing or if you have the text in print, use that.Copy all of the text and paste it into Wordle. The words you used the most will be written the largest Print up your results. Which words come up the most? Are you overusing certain words? Can you vary the vocabulary you are using to make your essay better?
Spelling CityClassroom Books
Riding Freedom Online Quiz
By the Great Horned Spoon
Island of the Blue Dolphins (Chapter 1-3 Review plus Chapter 4 PowerPoint Chapter 9 Powerpoint), Santa Cruz Island Foundation ,
Holes ShowMe's available for Chapters 1-5, Chapters 12-13, Chapters 13-15, Chapter 18-19_, Chapter 20, Chapter 29 by Chris, and Chapter 34 by Carlos
There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, You're in the hot seat. Take the role of a character and get interviewed., Brainpop Junior-- Bullying_
This version is for younger kids and at the time of this website, it was free., Brainpop "Bullying!", The first 13 chapters read aloud, Kids talk about life. About the Author_,

DSE 4 Costs $2.99. Developed by teachers, Daily Sentence Editing reinforces important skills in grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling.
Grammar Ninja Free: Web Based

Help Barracuda keep his river clean.
Cup Stacking
Dance Mat Typing