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Fractions in Operations

Math Year at a Glance
 August-November November- February             March- June
 Place Value
Addition & Subtraction Algorithm

 Metric Conversions

 Multi-Digit Multiplication
Finish Multi-Digit Multiplication
 One digit into multiple digits  Division, (Advanced= Ability to explain and teach others, multiple digits into multiple digits)

Factors, Multiples, Primes, and composites. (Advanced= GCF, Prime factors)

 Begin Fraction-Benchmarks
 Fraction Equivalence
 Ordering Fractions

 Fraction Operations
Conversions of Customary Measures

Geometry- How to read an angle with the proper tools

 Problem Solving
 Problem Solving
 Problem Solving

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Stuck on a problem? Solutions for harder problem. You can look under the examples.
It will take you to examples of problems, how to do them, and etc.

101 questions. Do a search by grade level

Fractions iPad Apps

Basic Fractions App
Equivalent Fractions by Everyday Math is like Solitaire with pictures
Fraction Monkey Practice plotting out benchmark fractions.
Oh No! fractions can be used to compare fractions!-curious-hat/id593418681?mt=8
Thinking blocks Fraction: practice word problems. Visualize the problems.
Numberkiz: Math Interactive Whiteboard Learn, teach, record, and share math thinking.
Math Tool-Fraction Calculator by Oiksoft
CandyFactory Educational Game By Virginia Tech
K12 Equivalence Tiles By K12 Inc.
Freddy Fraction iPhone Apps
Quick Fractions is just what it says. flashes and timed cards with fractional, mixed number, and decimal equivalents. Great for kids working on expertise.

Fraction Websites
1) Decention
Find Grammy
Find Grampy
Fraction Concentration
Fraction Tutorials
Shade in the Fraction
Fractions: Simple, mixed and more...

General Websites

Go Math Online Textbook
...for students who need common core support.

Mathtrain TV video Math lessons aligned to the common core.

Learning Games on BBC