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First Trimester




Google Maps can tell the story using the clock you can go back in time.

Google My Maps: Part of the Drive Eco-system. It looks like a google doc in Google Maps.  Maps can that be shared, collaborated on and distributed. You can link to Photosperes, Storysperes too. Do a google glass tour and so on. You can export to KML
KML is the code that allows you to put stuff on like a bookmark on Google Earth.
Select the Pro option and you can get it for free type in your google account name and GEPfree also try street view GoogleGeo, Worth exploring and checking out.  Oganawa, Miyagi.  Ground zero. 
Maps tell the story
Tour builder is a Google Earth Experiment. Allows you to map on one side of the screen and show a slide on the other. Very cool
Available on Android or iPads.
Google Earth Engines will show decadal annual land changes.
Lesson at
"The Klamath National Forest covers 1,700,000 acres of Northern California and the lower part of Oregon. The forest gets its name from the Klamath people-- the indigenous tribe of Southern Oregon. It is densely populated with old-growth conifer trees. The national forest covers a fraction of the much larger Klamath-Siskiyou Region, the largest concentration of roadless wilderness on the West Coast. This region, largely unprotected outside of the national forests, is recognized for its great biodiversity and habitat variety. It is one of seven areas in North America considered an Area of Global Botanical Significance by the International Union for Conservation of Nature".-e-scapes 1/2014 
 This is a nice slideshow from e-scapes with smooth jazz in the background.  This would make a good timer during geography related activities. The photos are all of the Klamath Mountain Forests. Central Valley
Video of Picking and acking process.
 Klamath Mountains
1) Slide Show of images
2) Video of a man staying in the Klamath Mountains. He does a good job of showing the environment. It's about 7 minutes long. He shoots off a bow and a gun at nothing. He may have been scaring off any predators from the road but the reasoning is unclear.  Please preview before showing in class.
 A silly song you can use as a model for a class or group activity about the regions of California.

Interactive map from National Geographic.
  California's Land Regions Include:
1) The Coastal Range
2) Central Valley has the most important farming land in all of California.
3 & 4)The Basin and Range Region
5) Sierra Nevada Region includes Mt. Whitney at 14,494 ft.
6) Los Angeles Ranges
7) San Diego Ranges
8) Cascade Mountains has Mt. Shasta at 14,162 ft above sea level and a one still-active volcano, Lassen Peak.
9) Klamath Mountains which is 6,000-8,000 ft above sea level-

Native peoples of California


1.San Diego de Alcala- Chris Resource 1, Res 2 Google Maps and 360 PhotoSpheres
2. San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo- SheaLily Resource 1, Res 2 Google Maps and 360 PhotoSphere  
3 San Antonio de Padua- Sarah Resource 1, Res 2 PhotoSphere (360 Tour)
4. San Gabriel Arcangel- Liam Resource 1, Res 2
5. San Luis Obispo del Tolosa VK (E) Resource 1, Res 2
6. San Francisco de Asis- Jacob Resource 1, Res 2
7. San Juan Capistrano- (Group L,X,Sh) Resource 1, Res 2
8. Santa Clara de Asis-Ashley Resource 1, Res 2
9. San Buenaventura- Torben Resource 1, Res 2
10. Santa Barbara (Group Su, J, B) Resource 1, Res 2
11. La Purisima Concepcion- RJ Resource 1, Res 2
12. Santa Cruz- Gwen Resource 1, Res 2
13. Nuestra Senor de la Soledad- Theo Resource 1, Res 2
14. San Jose- Mariana Resource 1, Res 2 360 Tour
15 San Juan Bautista- Curtis Resource 1, Res 2
16. San Miguel Arcangel- Maribel Resource 1, Res 2
17. San Fernando Rey de Espana- Greta Resource 1, Res 2
18. San Luis Rey de Francia- Alexander Resource 1, Res 2
19. Santa Inez- Lea Resource 1, Res 2
20. San Rafael Arcangel- Ezelle Resource 1, Res 2
21. San Francisco de Solano (VS and An) Resource 1, Res 2
IMAGE FROM California Mission Resources APRIL 2014
Resource 1= fromThe Spanish Missions of California, 2= official mission website
California Missions Research Report
California Mission Learning Contract
California History Project
Data collection sheet: AVID two column notes data collection sheet. Google Doc.
Online Book
username: missions
password: missions
The Frontier and the clash of empires
The California Missions Trail: Brief description of the location of each of the California missions
California Mission Resource Center: Maps, timelines, images, and more about each of the California missions.
Welcome to the California Missions: Tips for visitors as they travel to all of the California Missions.
The Spanish Missions of California
California Missions Foundation
California Missions collections of photos.
Authentic Vintage photo slides of the missions. Some are dated back tot he late 1800.
Mission Powerpoint
Online Links to the Support the Classroom Textbook.
MrsYorksClass.NET has study guides, study lesson reviews, and Chapter Tests to practice with