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3. Math

Year at a Glance 

 August- November  November-February  March-June
 Place Value
Adding & Subtracting Algorithm
Problem Solving
Multi-Digit Multiplication 
Fraction Equivalence, Ordering, & Operation

Please log onto this daily.

Study Tool- memorizing your math facts.Please join 2015-2016 MS. CORRAL'S MATH CLASS with me on StudyBlue
View it here: 
Available on iTunes as an APP:
Also available on Google Play for Chromebooks and other android devices.

Tenmarks is a website where Ms. Corral can assign work for you and you get a change to practice. Watch videos for clues or combine the problems with Wolfram Alpha if you still can't figure out how to do the work. 

Go to
User name and password
First initial + Lunch code
Finish early and year for more? Take a look around. 

Look under the examples.
It will take you to examples of problems, how to do them, and etc.

101 questions. Do a search by grade level

DreamBox is an online program - there's no software to download! All you need 
is a high-speed Internet connection and Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is free and is 
included with many Internet browsers.

Username: first name and last initial for example hortenciaC
Password: first initial+lunch code for example h123456

To access DreamBox on iPad, go to, or search 
for "DreamBox Math" in the App Store. When prompted in the app, use this 
School Code: dhgz/rooseveltes

Review your student's academic progress with a DreamBox Parent 
Account. Please follow these steps to create your free Parent Account:
1. Go to
2. Have your student login to their profile just as they would at school.
3. Click Setup Parent Access at the bottom of the page.
4. Follow instructions to create a new login and password.
5. Read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
6. Click "Submit".

Log into your home account after set up:
1. Go to
2. Enter your email address and password.
3. To see student progress, click the "Parent Dashboard" button.

If you have any questions, please contact DreamBox Client Care by calling them 
at 877-451-7845 (weekdays 7am to 5pm, Pacific Time), or email

iPad App Area Model
Area Model

Question Document

Questions: Access to the test and answer to the group questions.

Topics Covered on this exam depend on approach to solving the problem. This doe not guarantee that they will be on next year's exam.

Solving for unknown numbers
Converting decimals to percents
Adding decimals and whole numbers
Fractional Comparisons
Multiplying and dividing fractions
Adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators
Unnecessary information
Multi-digit addition and subtraction
Double digit division
Area and perimeter relationships
Time: minute to hour conversion
Word problems with duration of time involved
Solutions Document
1. C

2. A
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. A
7. D
8. C
9.  D
 10. D
11. C
12. B 
13. A
14. D
15. D
16. D
17. C
18. B
19. E
20. B
21. D
22. C
23. C
24. B
25. A

Challenging Work
Gifted students need to be challenged in math.  
GATE designation does not give a student an automatic, "I get it" ticket however, gifted students tend to understand the content more quickly than other students. 
GATE students are in danger of a "fixed mind set" but it is best if all students have a "growth mindset" instead.

Often, the best activities for gifted students is understanding why. Why do certain properties in math work.

Looking for some challenging work?
Word problems lead the way to logic and some test the boundaries of what you think you know. Check out the Math Olympiad's website for their Problem of the Month.  These are well written, hard questions for 4tth-6th graders.  Good luck!
From Avid Academics for Gifted Youth:
Here is what they do... Let's think about it.
"CurriculumThe purpose of this camp is to develop pre-algebra concepts and skills.  You will learn how to use the following problem solving strategies:

  • Look for patterns
  • Simplify a problem
  • Use mathematical properties
  • Guess and check
  • Identify different cases
  • Consinder a simpler case
  • Make a picture model
  • Draw a diagram
  • Work backwards
You will also learn important pre-algebra topics such as

  • Arithmetic sequences
  • Sum of patterns
  • Exponents
  • Prime factorization
  • Modular arithmetics
  • Unit fractions
  • Counting
  • Proportional reasoning
  • Solving algebra equations
Fun ActivitiesYou will also learn math games and participate in fun math activities such as:

  • 24!
  • Rubik's cube
  • Constructing tetrahedrons
  • KenKen tournament
  • Sudoku tournament
  • Math Magic!
Math Competitions In addition, you will experience mock math competitions such as

Math Super Bowl 2014
Questions: Access to the test and answer to the group questions.
Free online Sudoku at