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Advanced Math

If your child is in the "advanced" math group, homework is designed to get them to do work more quickly and develop word problem skills. This will ready them for contests in which the group participates. Students in this group will receive more than enough practice in their homework but kids in the advanced group also work at different paces. Some are quick and finish the math quickly- they typically know their math facts like the back of their hand. Others work more slowly, more methodically. 

Both types of students get the same packet but the expectation is different. Whichever your group, we expect students to do their best work work for anywhere between 15-30 minutes on math alone per night. DO NOT spend more. Students spending too much time on math could reach a frustration level that will do more harm than good. If you want to finish it on the weekend, just ask, but you don't have to. Just mark where you left off with a line and have your parent write a quick note, "worked in a focused manner for a sufficient amount of time". We will accept what you get done.

If a child is taking more than an hour to get work done, it can be communicated in the agenda. (Remember, math groups are flexible. If you can't get the homework done and you aren't reaching the classroom expectations, or if my style of teaching isn't getting you what you need, we can change your math grouping back to the grade level group without a problem and without shame.)

Challenging Work
Gifted students need to be challenged in math.
GATE designation does not give a student an automatic, "I get it" ticket however, gifted students tend to understand the content more quickly than other students.
GATE students are in danger of a "fixed mind set" but it is best if all students have a "growth mindset" instead.

Often, the most challenging activities for gifted students is understanding why. Why do certain properties in math work?

Looking for some challenging work?
Word problems lead the way to logic and some test the boundaries of what you think you know. 

From Avid Academics for Gifted Youth:
Here is what they do... Let's think about it.
"Curriculum: The purpose of this camp is to develop pre-algebra concepts and skills. You will learn how to use the following problem solving strategies:
  • Look for patterns
  • Simplify a problem
  • Use mathematical properties
  • Guess and check
  • Identify different cases
  • Consider a simpler case
  • Make a picture model
  • Draw a diagram
  • Work backwards

You will also learn important pre-algebra topics such as
  • Arithmetic sequences
  • Sum of patterns
  • Exponents
  • Prime factorization (Primes Curios), the Primes Page
  • Modular arithmetics
  • Unit fractions
  • Counting
  • Proportional reasoning
  • Solving algebra equations
Fun ActivitiesYou will also learn math games and participate in fun math activities such as:
  • 24!
  • Rubik's cube
  • Constructing tetrahedrons
  • KenKen tournament
  • Sudoku tournament
  • Math Magic! Math Competitions" 
In addition, you will experience mock math competitions such as
Math Super Bowl 2014
Questions: Access to the test and answer to the group questions are on the resource page.

Free online Sud
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