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Homework Policy

Total homework (both language arts and math) should last between 1 hour to an hour and 15 minutes.  It is my belief that homework should not be stressful. It does have a purpose. 
1. Students keep track of their school assignments in their agendas.
2. The purpose of homework is to solidify skills learned in class. Homewor
k is usually computation and a few word problems...
or homework can be made up of a few, thoughtfully laid out pieces that require introspection that are more effectively done at home.
3. Homework is also a tool to communicate with parents. Homework tasks cover concepts from the week before.  During class, I use a pedagogy that is called "gradual release of responsibility". Kids learn from a lesson or start with an engaging activity. We start the math together, then work in small groups, then move towards partners, and finally work alone. Even so, sometimes kids get home and lose sight of what we worked on in class. So, please let me know. 

Helpful Websites for Learning Needs

There are times in our lives that we must go somewhere for help.  You are NOT alone.  Here are some helpful websites.We switch for math class so that every student gets instruction that meets their needs.  Each teacher has a particular way of teaching. We match students with the teachers based on a series of assessments and teacher input in order to help the students to progress the most that they can. Remind your child that when work is challenging, it means that it is an opportunity to learn. It may be hard, but it is worth it. We, as teachers are a student's learning partner just as you, as parents are.  

Email me if your child is sick or absent for any reason, I may be able to forward you a copy of the homework so that they have something to work on while at home. 

Dreambox School 
iPad Code: dhgz/rooseveltes

VocabularySpellingCity for word study online at SpellingCity.com or by downloading the SpellingCity app from iTunes, the Google Play Store or the Amazon Appstore.
To log in on the web, go to SpellingCity.com and select the Login button.
Username: firstnamelastinitial28
Password: firstname 

Instilling Independence

At Roosevelt, we use agendas to help students gain the independence necessary to be successful in later grades.  Agendas are used for multiple tasks.
1. Students keep track of their school assignments.
2. Students keep track of their out of school activities such as soccer, dance, music classes, etc.
3. Students prioritize the assignments so that they are certain to get the most important items done first.
4. Teachers communicate with parents and parents communicate with teachers via notes within the agenda. So if a child is taking more than an hour to get work done, it can be communicated. If a special field trip, assembly, or school party is occurring, we will let you know here.
5. Parents can easily initial, showing that their child completed their 30 minutes of nightly reading and that the assignment has been reviewed by the parent. 

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