2016-17 I would like to introduce you to our newest art teacher, Miss Horner. She is our visual arts teacher and was hired through the Incredible Children's Art Network (iCAN). For more information about our art program. Check out iCAN at!

2014-2016 Ann Alvarez art teacher from 2014-16. Sadly, for us, Mrs. Alvarez is headed off to teach art at Lompoc High.  What a very fortunate group of students! Mrs. Alvarez has graced our halls and devoted her skills to elevating student appreciation of art as well as their skill level.  She has massive amounts of experience and expertise. 

2013-14 Miss Chloe Here are samples of most of the work the kids did with her. It includes core shadow, shading, drawing vases, a pineapple, and the school.

Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3Lesson 4  Lesson 5

Day 1 of Art Fundamentals took place January 13, 2014

We learned about 
1) Blocking out a space
2) Shading
3) Core and Cast Shadow
4) Highlights and reflected light
5) Ovals vs Circles

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Day 2 Art Fundamentals took place January 27, 2014

We learned about...

1) drawing what you see, not what is in your imagination
2) adding details can make things look more real.
3) search for the core and cast shadows.  They are there.
4) search for the highlights and the reflected light.

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Day 3 & 4

Show MeVideo Link 
 Elephant SkinOutdoor Drawing.
Day 5
Students learned to ..
1) Create outdoor frame
2) Capture a small section of the environment 

Great resources. 

 Every year, we head to the Art Museum.  What better place to find some lessons?

Art lessons by materials from Dixon USA.

This website has a plethora of projects for 4th graders.  We will do some of them in art class.

Ideas by Month--- Some in Class and some on your own!


Review a Prezi and learn the current use of the Mandala. Select or create a circular design. There are tons online or at the local craft store. 

Color the Mandala using color thoughtfully. Review a  quick run through of complimentary colors. Each space is a solid color.

Carefully add Elmer's glue to one color.  Use a dull pencil to smudge color into each corner of sections with the same color.
Use a plastic tub or the lid from a case of paper. Sprinkle colored sand onto the mandala. Shake off and catch any extra in the tub or lid. Do not add anymore colors until the last one dries. Need some sand? Bring me a few snack sized Ziplock baggies and I can give you enough sand to make this project.  

In pencil, Draw the Mission San Luis Obispo. 

3D boxes

Pumpkin Art: Use latex paints in yellow ocre, raw umber, and burnt sienna to paint a pumpkin. There is a ShowMe to review how to find and draw details in a living object.  Mix these  and know that Rembrandt also used these colors too

Take a field trip to the SB Art Museum and the Public Library! Then down to the SB Courtyard to draw the buildings around you.

Optical Illusions: Using principals of line and shading, use color and dept in shading to create the illusion of depth in curivng lines.  this took at least 3 45 minute sessions.  Cut and moun these masterpieces into cards that can be used at gifts.  Idea from

Refrigerator Magnets: This was a simple 4x2 while card that was folded in half.  Students drew whatever image they wanted on both halves. We slipped a neodymium magnet inside, Added glue and let it dry.  Great extra gift for the season.

Chinese LandscapesFrom SMCA: Reproductions of Albert Bierstadt’s Mirror Lake and Zhen Wang’s Fisherman in Landscape plus rice paper and watercolors are used for this project.

Tell a storyLearn how art is used to tell a story. Writing Connection.
Close Up: Perspective drawing to get close up to crayons, bugs, and more. What details are seen up close that we wouldn't see there.

A Bugs Life:  Mrs. Brown does it again!

Mix Like Monet: A lesson by SBMA Teaching Artist Monika Molnar Metzenthin. Don't use black and learn to work with water-soluble oil pastels and a little tempura. Be prepared to try to do something new and dive into new ways of mixing colors in ways you've never done before. 


Drawing Building: Use foreshortening and perspective points to draw these buildings

Rock Art: Pick just the right rock.  Paint your design on it using latex paints.
Drawing the Mission: This is a Roosevelt tradition. Headed out to the Rose Garden for a little bit of Spanish architecture and art.