What comes after fall conferences? What do I do with what I know now?

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By Hortencia Corral

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Week-Long Break

I know you are probably on vacation now and I truly want you to appreciate your family.  Many of the kids wanted extra work over vacation. I was tempted to send it. However, taking a break to rejuvenate, and be mindful of time with those you love is an important life lesson. I give enough homework weekly to solidify and extend thinking throughout the time school is in session. So….relax…. breathe...take in the love and joy given by those around you.  

And onto Another Subject, Student Led Conferences

We (all of the 4th grade teachers) hope that you enjoyed Student Led Conferences and that you are enjoying this short, but well earned break from classes. You received reports. Students and teachers commented to help you understand current goals and students talked you through work samples (I am including a little something in this post  to explain the reports more). To prepare for conferences, the students and I worked hard to identify both strengths and weaknesses in their learning paths. By showing work and digital portfolios, you should have a clear understanding of both your child’s progress towards the standards and the difficulty of the tasks we ask of them.  


Your child developed learning goals in math class. They were reported to you during conferences.  Using the what you worked on in conferences, help your child come up with their first smart goal for the second trimester. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable (Agree Upon Them), Realistic and Time Based. .For example, if you child has a long-term goal of engaging in classroom conversations but they currently don’t.

Specific: Raise your hand,

Measurable: twice per day until I get to once per subject,

Achievable: Depends on your child. Find something you both agree to.

Realistic: Raising your hand 5 times per subject might not be realistic for a shy child or someone’s consistently distracted with other things,

Time based- one week.

The final smart goal might be: Engage in the class conversation by raising my hand at least twice per day until I raise it at least once per subject and I will mark it in my agenda. I will check in with my parent daily on my progress and hope to meet this goal in a week.  I will write a new goal in a week.

Progress Reports

I have created two progress reports.  The Standards Report only goes home too students who have me for math.

1. NEO Report

On September 22, I sent you a post that explains this online report. Your child can access it at any time. This is different from the standards report because it;

  • starts over every trimester,
  • is a not sorted by learning goal,
  • is a list of all assignments and student achievement on the specific assignment, and
  • is online and accessible at all times.

2. Standards Report

This report is a running record. It is your NEO report sorted by standard.  Each section sorts your child’s grades by the learning goal (Common Core Standard).  Use the standard along the top of each section to direct your child’s learning. Look for the overall pattern by overall grouping. Don’t average, individual grades, on their own bear little weight. Look for a pattern of mastery. If your child didn’t “get it” at the beginning but now consistently shows mastery, they earned a“3”.  If they get it “most of the time” or  “some of the time”, they earned a “2”.  If they lacked the work to show evidence of learning, they have earned a “1”.  If they are showing skills of a fifth grader, then they have earned a “4”. I will include the assignment section next time. You can also periodically request a copy but remember that it may not be up to date.

The example below shows that “Sample Student” is now meeting most of her learning goals even if she didn’t in September. ALL standards will be periodically re-tested for standards not meet them in the first trimester or by student request (with notice).

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 6.27.35 PM.png

Next Trimester

Number Sense (numbers in base ten) will include...

Multiplication of multiple digits. Show it with multiple models. Students who are working above grade level will be able to do this quickly, with the algorithm,  efficiently, and with decimals.

Division of multidigit numbers by 1 digit. Student will also divide by two or more digits .

Statistics and Data Analysis (we no longer teach this it’s replaced by fractions)

We begin to start working with fractional equivalence, ordering fractions , and using fractions in operations.

Math Reasoning

Answer word problems involving both of the above. Correctly and efficiently show and explain your thinking. Know when an answer is not reasonable and why.

Although students have 3 days from an absence to make up their work, the ability to meet the learning goal is the most important part of 4th grade. It is my understanding that 5th and 6th grade do use the grade point average.

My 1st Announcement

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