7th History


    • 4/8 - Hey 7th grade! Today, you're going to get a bit more in-depth on the issues that faced the Presidency of John Adams. Below, under the "Wednesday, April 8th" header, I have attached a PDF document. The document spans the entirety of Adams' Presidency and breaks it up into paragraphs. At the end of most paragraphs are questions you will answer based on what you just read. There are 15 questions into total.Please type your answers out in an email to me. Your response is due via email by Thursday, April 9th at 8 PM!
    • 4/6 - Good morning 7th grade. Trying something new today. Over the weekend, I recorded myself giving notes in the YouTube video below. Please copy the notes down into your notebooks. Then, please answer the question I put right beside the video. Your response is due via email tonight, Monday, April 6th by 8 PM!

Wednesday, April 8th

Presidency of John Adams.pdf

Monday, April 6th

Please write a paragraph response to me where you predict what sort of issues will exist between President Adams and Vice-President Jefferson. Why? How do you think they will solve these problems? Explain your answers!

Wednesday, April 1st

Hamilton & Jefferson Documents

Monday, March 30th


Monday, March 23rd

Please answer BOTH questions (one paragraph EACH)

1.) From this episode, what stuck out to you most about George Washington? Why? What do you think this says about his character? Explain.

2.) How did Washington react to people wanting him to be the President of the United States? Why do you think he felt this way? What qualities supported the idea that many saw George Washington as a "natural leader?"

Friday, March 20th

1.) Describe Alexander Hamilton’s vision for the United States.

2.) Why couldn’t Alexander Hamilton become President?

3.) Describe Thomas Jefferson’s vision for the United States.

4.) What was Hamilton’s Five Point Plan?

5.) What was Washington’s warning about political parties as he left the Presidency?

6.) THINK: How was the first Presidential Election different from the types of Elections we see today? Explain.