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We are up and running in STREAM this year... getting our Carvey to interpret the creativity of our students.

First units that tie into grade-level science units are being revealed this week! Stay tuned for content!

Neva Ayn Magalnick
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What is the STREAM Lab?

STREAM represents the integration and nexus of Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Math. Investigations, robotics, and programs completed in the Lab are done in conjunction with the science standards in your child's classroom. The STREAM TOSA works closely with the Discovery Lab instructors and classroom teachers to connect student discoveries throughout the school.

The Solana Beach School District, the Foundation for Education and PTA all contribute to the STREAM Lab and Tinker Lab/ Maker Space at Solana Highlands.  This support makes the STREAM program a living dream.

Click here for District-Wide STREAM information and news