Hola! Me llamo Senorita Zsido. I have been teaching Spanish for over 17 years in South Brunswick and I love sharing my enthusiasm for language learning and appreciation of different cultures with the children. I find art, museums, and nature to be very inspiring and love spending time with my puppy Jace.

My Spanish classes are highly interactive and lots of fun! Throughout the year, your children will be learning to speak, comprehend, and write basic sentences in Spanish through many engaging songs, games, and performance based projects. Please make sure your children have a notebook and pencil ready for Spanish class. We do so many cool things in our notebooks; it becomes a nice portfolio of accomplishments for each child at the end of the year. CLASSROOM PARTICIPATION is very important! The more your children take the initiative to participate in class, the more Spanish language they will acquire and the more comfortable they will become speaking the language. 

Learning a foreign language is not only fun but will open a whole new world to your child. Students who are able to speak more than one language will have advantages over other students in both the college application process and initially the job force. In addition, studies have shown that foreign language learners score higher grades in mathematics, reading, and science. Children studying foreign languages will also gain an appreciation and understanding of other cultures, as well as make new friends.

As a parent/guardian, you are your child's greatest resource in the learning process. A simple way you can support your child in their learning each day is by asking what he or she learned in Spanish class. I encourage you to help your child practice and review vocabulary in small amounts (4-6 words) each day. It's not the length of time, but rather the frequency your child spends using the target language that helps him/her become fluent. Your encouragement and support is essential to your child's success!