The ability to honestly and quietly 

on one's 

is one of the most powerful tools 

for personal growth.

Richard Carlson

What is Sophomore Advisory?

Sophomore Advisory is a place where we create a safe and respectful environment in which to promote student self-reflection that will engage students as active and self-directed learners.

All sophomores at South Burlington High School are enrolled in Sophomore Advisory.  Each group consists of about a dozen students and a sophomore adviser.  The adviser is a self-selected staff member at South Burlington High School.  Sophomore Advisory meets every Thursday and Friday during FACE Time.  During this time, the group will do anything from group-building activities, to discussion of current events, to working on their sophomore portfolios.

During the spring of 2008, a group of faculty and staff met to prepare themselves for the Sophomore Advisory program.  During one of the meetings, the participants came up with the following list of characteristics to help define the program.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it certainly helps to paint a clearer picture of the intent of the program.

Advisory is…


A supportive and safe environment

Problem solving

An opportunity to develop social, academic and career goals

Establishing relationships/being a resource

Unconditional acceptance

An environment that promotes respect and risk taking

Helping students feel connected to community


Connecting, guiding

A graduation requirement

A structured, self-reflective process

Advisory is not…

Group therapy

Doing things to build “college résumés”

Case management

A tutoring session

Study hall

Simply social time

To apply pressure


What is Sophomore Exhibition?

Sophomore Exhibition is the name we give to the collection of days during which all sophomores give their round table presentations.  This year, Sophomore Exhibition takes place during the week of May 13 - May 16 and on Friday June 7.

Why are we doing all of this?

Sophomore Advisory at South Burlington High School is set up to focus on developing a meaningful relationship between adviser and student, and to guide students through the process of self-reflection and future planning.  Through Sophomore Advisory, we hope that students will
  • develop a meaningful connection with their advisers
  • take time to be thoughtful
  • become well-informed designers of their own education
  • know and connect to the South Burlington High School Mission Statement
  • look deeper into the reflective process through Sophomore Exhibition

Follow effective action with quiet reflection.  
From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.
Peter F. Drucker