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Elementary (Grades K-5)

This year the Secaucus School District is using a new math program at the elementary level called GO Math!  This program was carefully selected by a committee of teachers during the 2014-2015 school year.  It offers an interactive approach that covers the NJ Common Core Standards and is engaging for the students. The program emphasizes understanding, computational fluency, and real life applications.

Our current standards require students to carry out more complex tasks, challenge their higher-order thinking skills, and demonstrate in-depth mastery of concepts.   A major goal of the standards is to avoid teaching math concepts in isolation in order to help students make sense of math and make connections between skills and applications.  The Standards do not only emphasize understanding of core concepts,  but also the mathematical practices and fluency with computation skills.  Rather than simply arriving at an answer through computation, students are now asked to explain their solutions and apply math in real world situations. 

We hope you will recognize how effectively this program supports the Common Core Standards for Math as well as the Mathematical Practice Standards.  Below you will find some information about the instructional model (what your child is doing in the classroom) as well as information about some of the important features of the program.  At the bottom of the page we have compiled documents and resources that will assist you in helping your children at home.  We will continue to update these files throughout the year.  Please be sure to also visit our announcements page for updates.  

Instructional Model

The curriculum is centered on the researched-based “5E” instructional model:

  • Engage 
    • Each lesson in GO Math! begins with an Essential Question that sets the stage for the lesson topic. 
    • Teachers may also incorporate the Problem of the Day and the Vocabulary Builder to engage the students. 

  • Explore 
    • The Explore Activity requires students to explore the math from the beginning so they build a deep and conceptual understanding.
    •  Students will have the opportunity to unlock problems using iTools, manipulatives, dry-erase boards and make real-world connections. 

  • Explain 
    • Students see worked-out examples to help develop fluency with the math and then have the opportunity to show their understanding. Teachers monitor understanding and give immediate feedback to students as they complete quick check problems. 

  • Elaborate
    • Students are provided with opportunities to elaborate and master the concepts in differentiated small groups. Students are given opportunities to rotate to centers which incorporate independent practice, guided practice, and enrichment. The activities used in these groups vary depending on the lesson and level of understanding of the students. 

  • Evaluate 
    • Independent practice with the personal math trainer, homework pages from the workbook, and assessments. 

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Available Features

Write-in Student Edition - At each grade level your child will have a write-in workbook for each chapter which serves as their textbook. Students have the ability to problem solve, record, and practice right in their own book. No instructional time is lost through copying from the board and students have an ongoing record of their work. Each lesson includes two pages of practice and homework.  You have the ability to scan the QR codes in the lessons which allow you to access the Math on the Spot videos right from the lesson pages. This book will be sent home on a daily basis for homework.  Please be sure to return this book each day with your child as it is also used during class.  *Note: Teachers use a variety resources (such as the Interactive Student Edition, reteach, and enrich pages, etc.) when teaching a lesson.  As a result, pages and problems from the lesson may not always be completed when the book is sent home.  

Through ThinkCentral:

Interactive Student Edition
- The iSE provides an online interactive approach to developing the lesson concepts. Many teachers are using this during their lessons, but it can be used at home to review as well.  It works on computers and tablets. The iSE will also link to Math On The Spot Videos and The Personal Math Trainer when used at home.  

Math On The Spot Videos
– These are instructional videos provide an engaging video tutorial for every lesson to demonstrate important concepts and skills. QR codes in the print Student book allow you and your child to view the videos at home by scanning the code with a smart phone or tablet. 

The Personal Math Trainer
– This is an online resource which includes personalized practice, homework, and assessment.  Some teachers are using this as a center in their classroom and also assigning it as practice for the students.  The personal math trainer has built in learning aids that will help your child with the problems and will also provide additional support in areas where your child is struggling.  

Animated Math Models - This feature explains the concepts taught in class.  You child can practice the skills that have been introduced in class and can then take a quiz to see how will he/she has mastered the skills.  

iTools - Accessed via the Student Dashboard, iTools provide virtual manipulatives to help students solve problems.

Mega Math - An area where you child can play math games for extra practice.  

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