Exploring Limitless Possibilities ~ News and Notes from ELP

Closer Look at ELP...

  •  Identify students whose classroom performance suggests they would benefit from academic acceleration in Reading and/or Math; this should comprise approximately 3-5% of a grade level’s enrollment
  • Provide appropriate academic instruction and affective support for students who demonstrate the need and ability for accelerated instruction in Reading and/or Math
      INSTRUCTOR:  Mrs. Deb Collins


  • I direct the process of identifying gifted students in grades 2-5 who are likely to benefit from, and succeed in, accelerated instructional programs.  I teach 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade accelerated Reading students, 5th grade accelerated Written Language students, and 4th and 5th grade accelerated Math students.  (Ms. Julie Hovland instructs 3rd grade accelerated Math students.)  These students work at least one year above grade level in their identified area(s) of giftedness.  Our identification process includes an evaluation of a student's aptitude and academic achievement, as well as an assessment of classroom performance and behavioral characteristics indicative of giftedness.
  • In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I work with a group of ELP parents, staff members, and administrators (~the District ELP Committee) to monitor the effectiveness of the ELP program and revise policies / practices when necessary.  I also recruit students for and coach the SBL High School Quiz Bowl team, a very successful group of highly motivated students who represent SBL in academic competitions.


*   E-mail ADDRESS:  collideb@sblschools.com

*      BUILDING:  Elementary

*      BUILDING PHONE NUMBER:  943-5563 

*      CLASSROOM PHONE NUMBER:  943-8872


*      HIGH SCHOOL:  

  •  Maple Valley High School, Mapleton, IA

*      COLLEGE:   

  • Iowa State University, Ames, IA (BS, Elementary Education)
  • Morningside College, Sioux City, IA (TAG Endorsement)

*      FAMILY: 

  • Husband - Ed, Real Estate appraiser with LeGrand and Company, Sioux City
  • Son - Christopher, age 33 – SB-L and ISU graduate; married to Kristen; lives and works in Chicago
  • Son - Eran, age 28- SB-L and USD graduate; lives and works in Sioux Falls

*      A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME, by Mrs. C 

*  My goal is to make a difference in my students’ lives by positively impacting their educational careers.  I believe very strongly in helping children reach as high as they can; I want my students to know their dreams are attainable!  Our program is so much more than ‘extended learning;’ I prefer to think of ELP as ‘Exploring Limitless Possibilities.’  As my ELP kids will tell you, “Your GIFT is something you were born with.  Your TALENT is what you choose to do with that gift!”

*      Without question, children are life’s most precious and priceless resource; I teach to help enrich and safeguard that resource.  Just as no two children are alike, no two days of teaching are the same!  But each one has its own rewards:  seeing that light in the eyes of a child when comprehension dawns; watching confidence take root and grow; celebrating the success of excited learners, proud of their accomplishments --- these are the joys of teaching, pure and simple. 

*      Over the years my students have taught me in countless ways.  A student once wrote to thank me for teaching her “right from wrong” and “how to go for her dreams.”  I don’t believe there’s a higher compliment.  Teaching is incredibly challenging, immensely rewarding, and I can’t imagine doing anything else!