Uploading Video

Uploading Video to the Open Course Library YouTube Channel

In Open Course Library, Phase Two, all video content developed for the project will be uploaded to a common YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/oclphase2). This  will make it easier to provide closed captioning as well as reducing the course docs collection size (making it easier to download), and make it easier to find and update video content as needed in the future.  Once uploaded to YouTube, video content can easily be linked into course documents.


Steps for Uploading to YouTube

1.      Make sure you are not signed into Google with your personal account

2.      Go to http://youtube.com

3.      In the upper, right corner, click on “Sign In”

4.      For the email or username field, type “oclvids” and enter the password (if you need the password, contact your instructional designer).  Click the Sign in button.

5.      Once you have logged in, click the “Upload” button in the upper, right corner (next to your account name).

6.      On the next screen you should see a “Select files from your computer” option.  Upload your video files individually or choose the option to upload multiple files in one step.  Click here for help with uploading, or here for help with encoding video if you run into trouble.

7.      Once your video begins uploading, you will have the opportunity to edit its settings.  Please reference the context of the content from your course in the video title (ie; Module Two, Accounts Receivable), set the category to Education, and at a minimum add your course ID to the video description and tags.

8.   Licensing: If you are using content that is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license set the license to Creative Commons. For all other cases please leave the default Standard YouTube license selected. If the original video uses a CC license other than CC BY please specify it in the description. Finally, be sure to specify the author and source of the original video in the description area. Here's an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWrmMBivIkw

Tom Caswell,
May 21, 2012, 11:09 AM