Organizing Gdocs

In Google Docs you don't really have folders. Instead, you have Collections. Logically, a collection is like a folder in that it is a separate container for organizing files. However, a collection is different in that a single file can belong to multiple collections. Essentially, the file itself doesn't really move, but it is listed within designated collections as a means of labeling or filtering files. Collections can have sub-collections.

For the Open Course Library project, each course development project will have one main collection where developers can add content. This collection is the top level or home of your course content collection.  You can also add sub-collections that might equate to weeks, lessons or modules.  You can have as many sub-collections as makes sense for your project.  You may choose to build all your sub-collections before you begin adding content to the main collection or you may decide to add them as you go.

When in the future, someone chooses to download your work, they will get a zip file containing content and nested folders equivalent to the collection and sub-collections that you create and organize.

Accessing your course's collection:

You should already have been added to the proper course collections, and they should appear under "collections shared with me" when you sign into  Another way to access your course collection is to go to, click Courses from the menu on the left, then click Phase 2 Courses (click on the small triangles to expand the list of courses). Click on your course to get to the course content page, then click on “The collection is available here” link which will take you to your course’s Google Docs collection. Locate your Word Document on your computer and drag and drop the course preview sheet into that collection. Here are some video tutorials that may also help: