Adding Gdocs to LMS

Adding Google Docs to ANGEL, Blackboard or Moodle
One feature of Google docs collections that is very handy for people who use a learning management system such as Blackboard, ANGEL, or Moodle is that it is possible to download Google docs content is a format that is easy to import to the learning management system. For example:

Steps for Adding Google Content to ANGEL

1.    While logged into a Google account, find the Google docs collection or individual docs that you want to download.

2.    Select the content and then choose Download under More options:

3.    Choose the format that you want included doc files to be exported at.  PDF is a format that seems to work well with most systems and browsers.

4.    Download the .zip file. 

5.    Log into ANGEL, and go to the Manage tab in the course where you will import the content.

6.    Click on the Import Console

7.    Choose Content Package

8.    Browse to find the zip file you downloaded from Google Docs

9.    ANGEL will upload the file and then ask you whether you’d like to put all of its contents in a new lessons content folder, and existing folder or the root lessons area

Adding downloaded Google Docs content to the ANGEL LMS:

Adding downloaded Google Docs Content to the Canvas LMS