Finding Open Access Resources

below you'll find links to some of the best sources for shared educational content, lectures, video, images, academic journals and reference sources.  start here to find open licensed material to build or enhance your course.  if you find new sources, let us know, and we'll add them!

Open Educational Resources Commons
Searchable repository organized by grade level, subject, type of content and format 

College Open Textbooks
Organized by subject, with various open licenses.

Repository for educational content, organized by discipline.  Not a user friendly search interface, but worth a look anyway.

Open Stax
Peer-reviewed college textbooks online.

Global Textbook Project
Open document format for texbooks in business, computing, education, health, sciences and social sciences

All content cc licensed and uploaded by educators.

Open Course Ware search
Includes course content from nearly a dozen institutions, includeing MIT, Yale, UMass and Notre Dame

Searchable repository of educational content, organized by subject, grade level, type of content and format. 

The Orange Grove
Florida’s digital repository for educational content


Digital content organized by subject. Includes a lot of streaming content.

From the founders of wikipedia, open access textbooks contributed by scholars, educators and others.

Flat World Knowledge - 
Textbooks, searchable by subject.  Open content now hosted at Saylor.

"The CK-12 Foundation is a non-profit that creates and aggregates high quality, curated Stem content."

Digital commons scholarly publications

"Find and use thousands of free OER from a wide variety of subject areas. All resources have been shared by those who teach in or create content for the further and higher education communities in the UK." 

Academic Earth
Online course content organized by subject. Often available by module. 

Directory of Open Access Journals
think of this as free proquest. Full text, peer-reviewed journal articles in all subject areas. 

Directory of Open Access Books
New site from the group that gave as doaj! includes over 700 peer-reviewed, open-licensed titles

Public Library of Science
research articles in the sciences

Open access encyclopedia, curated by subject experts 

Try the educaton site too. See what you can find out about the source of the video (creator/owner/institution)

Critical Commons
Video clips, lectures and articles. Sort of a “you tube” for the higher ed set.

Shared videos.  Includes non-educational content as well.

Video links to lectures by notable experts in science, global issues, technology, business and design

Creative Commons
Find images with open licences

Wikimedia Commons
Freely usable media files

Power points searchable by tag terms or a search bar.