These guidelines will help you get the answers you need as efficiently as possible. Before contacting SBCTC staff about Google Docs or deliverables questions, OCL2 faculty should ask their team instructional designer and librarian first. In most cases they will be able to offer the best help and the quickest response.

SBCTC Staff Roles and Contact info

Email Communication - Google Groups

We are using Google Groups email lists to communicate and share ideas back and forth. Here is a quick tour of Google Groups as well as help for accessing Google Groups and adjusting your membership settings. Please note: You are the only one who can change your email subscriptions to the OCL2 email lists.

Private Google Groups require a Google account, but you can also use them with a "non-Google" email address. Here are the Google Groups we have set up:
If your team would like to have it's own Google Group feel free to set it up and post it here:
  • Lisa and Quill's team:
 If you have any further questions about email or Google accounts please contact Monique Kovalenko (