How to use a drop box

Your instructor might require you to submit written assignments, or other work that is saved as a specific file, type into an assignment drop box.

To make a drop box submission, follow these steps:
1.   Navigate to where the drop box is located in the lesson content.  The drop box icon will usually look like this:
ANGEL Dropbox Icon

2. Click on the drop box to open it.

3. Complete the drop box form. Give your submission a title.  For instance "Week Three Written Assignment, Your Name."  You might also fill in the Message window if you have any information for your instructor that should go along with the assignment being submitted (think of this as a digital Post-It note).

4. The next step is very important! Attach your work to the drop box submission - Click the Attachments button to upload your completed assignment file. Pay close attention to the file type of the document you are submitting. Your instructor may provide instructions as to the acceptable file types that may be submitted.

Caution: Submitting a file that is not the correct file type might result in an unreadable assignment that cannot be graded.

a.   Click the Attachments button.

b.   In the Attachments window, click Browse to browse your computer and select the file to be uploaded.

c.    Once you have selected the file, click Upload File. The file that you uploaded will appear in the Uploaded Files window. You can repeat steps 2 and 3 if you have to upload more than one file.

d.   Click the Finished button when all files have been uploaded. You will be returned to the drop box screen and you should now see all files uploaded underneath the Attachments button.

Caution: Uploading a file does not complete the process. You must submit your assignment before leaving the page.

5.   Submit the assignment. To submit your assignment, do the following:

a. Click Submit. Click Submit to submit all files into the drop box.

b. Once the files have been submitted, the Upload Results screen appears with a message advising you that you have successfully submitted the assignment. Click OK to finish.

c. You will be returned again to the drop box screen.  You will see the file that you submitted listed within a table at the bottom of the screen in the Subject column, as well as the date and time that the assignment was submitted. When your instructor has graded the assignment, the grade will appear in the Grade column and any comments made by the instructor will appear in the Comments column.
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