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Databases are one of the most important areas of ICT. They help you to organise information to make it easy to arrange and find in a number of different ways. You're all familiar with the Contacts application on your mobile or the Yellow Pages. These are databases. If you were asked to find the address details of a particular telephone no. from the Yellow Pages book you would have a big job on your hands. Not with an database managed electronically with an application such as MS Access which is a Database Management software.

The new Web 2.0 social networking web applications such as Facebook or MySpace would not exist without a database to organise the millions of pieces of information.

Database management is taught to Y9 and Y11-13 for Level 2 (US 2786) and Level 3 (US 2787) students.

Level 3 Student Learner Booklets and files stored on the school network can be accessed from Google Docs - click here for the link.

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Take 10 minutes to watch the Database video tutorials below, then teach the skill to your mate or the student next to you.

Database Exercises

YouTube videos for learning

Using MS Access to organise your life

Organise your life with Databases - YouTube Video

Access Database Introduction

Access DB - YouTube Video

To download a fantastic FREE 35page ebook on Access sign up for a free newsletter and email tips at: http://www.access-databases.com/ebook/ written by Paul Barnett.

This FREE ebook on Access covers the basics of setting up a table and form and intermediate skills of creating relationships. I recommend signing up for it at: http://www.access-databases.com/ebook/

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