Mr. Jameson Eller, LaSalle Intermediate Academy

Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies! During the course of the year we will be covering topics related to American history. We will begin with a brief review of colonial America (which was taught in 5th grade) and continue—in detail—until the end of Reconstruction (1877). We will finish the year with a brief review of the major events of the last 140 years—something students will learn in greater detail in high school U.S. History, typically taken in 11th grade. The overall focus of the course is broken down into each grading period below.

Quarter One: Colonial America, the Revolution, and the Constitution
Research Paper: Students pick a topic from colonial or Revolutionary American history and do an introductory research paper

Quarter Two: Lewis and Clark, the War of 1812, and westward expansion
Research Paper: Constitutional issue and debate
Simulation: Oregon Trail

Quarter Three: The Civil War—its causes and consequences
Research Paper: Similar to the project done in Quarter One, students select a topic of interest from early 19th century America and do a research paper
Simulation: Letters Home from Gettysburg

Quarter Four: American economics and the nation since the Civil War
Research Paper: Living Biography: Narrative and presentation
Simulation: Stock Market