Cougar Cast

Welcome to Cougar Cast, the video production arm of Clay International Academy, where we strive to bring our viewers the information they need to get them  through their day.  Quality is of our utmust, we mean utmist, or is it utmost? concern.  Anyways, down below you will see the smattering of different offerings and shows.  Feel free to click and peruse around.
Our friday mornings announcement/variety/comedy/you-name it, show.

Awarding the best of Cougar Cast; yeah, we have some good stuff.
The live show of Clay's dynamic duo.
The creations of our student-led puppet productions.
    A series of quick looks at what goes on at Clay International.
    Featurettes of the little things that happen at our school.
Stuff with a holiday flare.
Movies concerning the new eLearning days.
    Listen to the recordings made from our special set of CIA Artists