About Me

Hi, my name is Ben Domonkos and this will be my fourth year at Tarkington Traditional School.

My wife Sarah and I have two daughters, Mary and Gwyneth.  Mary is almost three and loves to talk, run, climb, and play.  Gwyneth just turned one and is up walking and keeping Mom and Dad BUSY!

I have coached 7/8th Grade Football at St. Matthew since 2007.   I also have a part time job at the South Bend Menards.  If you need any paint come see me on the weekend!

I love watching/playing sports, hanging out with friends, playing video games,mowing the lawn, and most importantly spending time with my family.

As a teacher, I believe in students becoming life-long learners.  After 3rd grade, students still have 9+ years of school (not including college) so I want them to leave my class loving school!  I want my students to develop skills that transfer to real-world experiences and allow them to become successful citizens.