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Nancy Trieger - Celebrity Travel

posted Oct 17, 2009, 7:44 PM by Tom Towle   [ updated Mar 14, 2013, 1:56 PM ]
"by the end of the day, we were up and running"

...was having difficulties with my office computers. I was in crisis mode, as I was scheduled for a two month leave of absence. My son’s friend commented, “Why don’t you call my dad? That’s what he does.” I was hesitant but desperate. I made the call. Tom could not have been more helpful and gracious. He spent his Saturday at my office. My travel agency uses an airline operated network. As a result, I was doubtful that he would be able to help in any way. I was sure I would have to wait for the Apollo tech, but by the end of the day, we were up and running.

Since then, Tom has worked on our network, printers, software and hardware. He has installed and upgraded specialized software related to the travel business. He set up my home satellite wireless network which enables me to work at home and when I travel. He has guided me in the purchase of computers, printers, virus programs, and even telephones.

Nancy Trieger


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