The Roman Empire

A WebQuest for High School World History 

Designed by:
Mr. Shawn Baker


1.      Pick TWO topics (individual) or FOUR topics (group)

2.      Each topic needs a 2-5 page research paper (Some have this already listed, if it doesn’t then you write the paper)

3.      Paper must be in MLA format

4.      Paper must have 5-10 resources listed in the Works Cited.  (Wikipedia, wikianswers, blogs, and anything other than a legitimate .com, .edu, .net, or .org will not count as a cited source)

5.      Answer questions for your topic AND the questions listed in Introduction section

6.      Create some visual for your topic

Standards Covered (Indiana)

World History Standard 2

WH.2.9 Describe Roman Republican government and society and trace the changes that

culminated in the end of the Republic and the beginning of the Roman Empire.

(History, Government, Sociology)

WH.2.10 Describe Roman achievement in law and technology and explain their impact on

various peoples and places in subsequent periods of world history. (Psychology,


WH.2.11 Explain the origins of Christianity, including the lives and teachings of Jesus and

Paul, and the relationships of early Christians with officials of the Roman Empire.


WH.2.12 Analyze the causes, conditions and consequences of the spread of Christianity

throughout the Roman Empire, including the policies of Emperor Constantine the

Great. (Individuals, Society and Culture)

WH.2.13 Explain the causes, conditions and consequences of the decline and fall of the

western part of the Roman Empire.

* civilization: a complex culture in which large numbers of people share a number of common

elements such as social structure, religion and art

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