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(My wife Celeste is the pretty one.)
These are a few of my favorite things links:
My favorite journal:
Nexus Network Journal: Architecture and Mathematics Online
My favorite NNJ  issue (I was a guest co-editor):
Autumn 2008 Special Issue on Andrea Palladio

My second favorite NNJ  issue (I was the guest editor):
Winter 2002 Special Issue on the Golden Section
(Note, this issue takes a cautious and objective look at the role of the golden ratio in art and architecture.)

A great resource for Math/Art connections:
SIGMAA-ARTS home page
(A Special Interest Group of the Mathematical Association of America)
A biography of Andrea Palladio I wrote for his quincentenary:
Celebrating the Year of Palladio 1508-2008

BS Architecture
1984 University of Virginia*
MS Mathematics 1987 University of Virginia*
PhD Mathematics 1990 University of Virginia*
MCS Computer Science 1999 University of Virginia*
*Yes, I bleed orange and blue!

Selected Publications:

(2005) Wassell, Stephen R., A review of Branko Mitrović, Learning From Palladio, in the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 64, n. 1 (March 2005), pp. 109–111.

(2002) Wassell, Stephen R., "Rediscovering a Family of Means," The Mathematical Intelligencer, 24, n. 2, pp. 58–65.

(2002) Wassell, Stephen R. and Kim Williams, trans., On Ratio and Proportion, (Silvio Belli, Della proportione et proportionalità ), Fucecchio (Florence), Italy: Kim Williams Books.

(2001) Wassell, Stephen R., "Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Sequences," Nexus Network Journal, 3, n. 4, pp. 151–155.

(2000) Wassell, Stephen R., "Art and Mathematics before the Quattrocento: A Context for Understanding Renaissance Architecture," in Kim Williams, ed., Nexus III: Architecture and Mathematics, Ospedaletto (Pisa), Italy: Pacini Editore, pp 157–168.

(2000) Wassell, Stephen R., "Superexponentiation and Fixed Points of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions," Mathematics Magazine, 73, n. 2, pp. 111–119.

(1998) Wassell, Stephen R., "The Mathematics of Palladio’s Villas," in Kim Williams, ed., Nexus II: Architecture and Mathematics, Fucecchio (Florence), Italy: Edizioni Dell’Erba, pp. 173–186.

(1995) Thomas, L. T. and S. R. Wassell, "Semiclassical approximation for Schrödinger operators on a 2-sphere at high energy," Journal of Mathematical Physics, 36, pp. 5480–5505.

(1992) Thomas, L. T. and S. R. Wassell, "Semiclassical approximation for Schrödinger operators at high energy," in E. Balslev, ed., Schrödinger Operators: The Quantum Mechanical Many-Body Problem (Lecture Notes in Physics 403), New York: Springer-Verlag, pp. 194–210.

Honors and Awards:

Selected by The Princeton Review for inclusion in The Best 300 Professors (Random House / Princeton Review Books, April 3, 2012)

U.S. Patent No. 4,924,723: Solar powered lawnmower, 1990
U.S. Patent No. 4,935,965: Earmuffs, 1990
U.S. Patent No. 5,090,167: Solar shed, 1992

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