Registration takes place on the first day of classes and is for the year. Tuition is $180 for 24 classes (12 each semester) and is due at registration. The tuition fee can be broken down into 2 payments if necessary. Need based scholarships are available. Class begins after Labor Day. Discounts apply for students 8 and up who enroll in 2 or more classes per week, and for siblings (subtract $40 per year per additional class or sibling).

Classes normally begin the first Thursday after Labor Day.

                                Classes for Fall 2017 begin on Thursday Sept. 7 and Monday Sept. 11                                                                                          

                                Classes for Spring 2018 begin on Monday Jan. 22 and Thursday Jan. 25

No Classes during  SBC Fall Break Thursday Sept 28. Thanksgiving Break Nov 20-24. Last Fall Classes Dec 4 & 7.

                                SBC Spring Break March 5-9. ACPS Spring Break April 2-6. Last Spring Classes April 23 & 26

RECITAL: Saturday April 28, 2018  (Dress Rehearsal Friday April 27)

Please contact 381-6349 or for details  to register your child.

Visiting Days

Parents, siblings and guests are invited to remove their shoes before entering the dance studio and to observe quietly. Parents should control small children and take them out if they become active or loud. Parents are asked to silence cell phones (including vibrate mode) and for texts or calls that must be taken please leave classroom to text or answer calls.  Parents also are requested to refrain from talking with other parent observers while class is in session.

2017-18 Visiting Days: 

Monday October 2, Thursday October 5

Monday October 30, Thursday November 2

Monday Dec. 4, Thursday December 7

Monday Feb. 12, Thursday Feb. 15

Monday March 19 Thursday March 22

Dance clothing should be worn to class. This may be color leotards and tights, T-shirt or dance shorts, or dance ‘capris’, athletic practice pants,  jazz pants. All children should have footless tights, dance shorts, athletic or jazz pants and have bare feet. (In dance class and for recital costumes, tights are considered dance undergarments). Jazz hip/hop dancers also should have bare feet and may wear jazz pants rather than tights. Ballet tulle or net tutus are not allowed in any class.  4-5 & 6-7 year olds may wear leotards with permanently attached very short (mid thigh) skirts. Carolina Connection in Forest is a good source for dance wear.
Hair should be securely fastened (in ponytail or bun for long hair); including long bangs. Large, loose, or heavy jewelry is discouraged (to avoid chipped teeth, etc.). Parents of young children must make sure the children have used the restroom prior to class.

Dance Class Rules for Students:

1. No chewing gum, food or drink, toys, electronic devices, or street shoes of any kind in class.

2. Good manners and behavior are expected of all students (and parents.). Any student who behaves inappropriately in class, the hall or locker room first will be given a warning. If there is no change in inappropriate behavior, the parent or guardian will be contacted. During the class it is the teacher’s job to correct inappropriate behavior. If there is ever a concern, please bring problems discretely to the attention of the director (Ella Magruder)  i.e. outside of class when students or other parents are not within hearing distance.

3. No running, chasing, or other out of control, boisterous behavior in the halls or locker room. Parents/guardians are expected to enforce this.

4. No student is allowed in dance studio classroom without the teacher present.

Dance Class Rules for Parents and Family Members see above (by photo) and below:

Children love their parent's gaze and appreciation of them more than anything else. Please give your children the finest example of your care and expectations of their present and future success by doing the following. (Yes, it's hard to keep alert and awake sometimes as you watch, but it is more important than you may realize.)

1. Turn off devices unless you are photographing your child.

2. If it is necessary that you leave your phone on, please silence it.  If you receive an important text or call, please leave the room to text or answer it. It may not seem like your child knows or cares, but they are exquisitely aware when your eyes wander away from what they are doing.

3. Praise one thing you see them do in class. If there is nothing that you can figure out to compliment, take a lesson from the great violin teacher, Suzuki, when his student sounded just awful, Suzuki noted how securely the child held his violin bow.

4. Praise effort and diligence. Tenacity is more important than innate giftedness in just about everything including dance.


Parents and children are invited to walk on campus, visit the bookshop and SBC library. Young children may be interested in children’s room in the campus library and for a minimal fee anyone can join Friends of the SBC Library and obtain a Sweet Briar College library card.  Families are welcome to eat in Bistro (located in next door Williams Gym), purchase snacks in the bookshop café, or have a sit down evening meal in the Sweet Briar dining hall.

Pick up: All students must be picked up promptly after class. If you have an emergency and face a delay, please call 381-6952 (dance hall phone), 381-6150 or 381-6349 ASAP.
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