Sawed-Off Collaboratory Production
written by Morgan Jon Fox and John Tom Roemer
directed by Morgan Jon Fox
all media distributed by Waterbearer Films
2008   79minutes - Digital Video 
Reflecting a social networking-saturated youth culture where YouTubers like William Sledd and Chris Crocker speak directly to millions of kids, including teenage girls and emo boys alike, OMG/HaHaHa offers a deeper, digitally filtered view into the seemingly superficial psyches of the MySpace generation. In the tradition of edgy and cutting edge filmmaking inspired by Harmony Korine, Gus Van Zant, and gre Araki, OMG/HaHaHa weaves a simple narrative together via part video blog, part improvisational narrative, and part pseudo documentary, iit's a pastiche of the lives of a diverse set of gay, straight, and trans teens and twenty-somethings living in Memphis and dealing with flesh and blood issues, ranging from unexpected pregnancy to homophobia to dying parents.


  • Reeling 2008 Chicago's 27th Annual LGBT Film Fest
    • Jury Award for Best Feature Film
  • 2008 Indie Memphis Film Fest
    • Special Jury Recognition
    • Special Jury Award for Directing
    • Special Just Award for Editing
    • Special Jury Award for Acting - Jake Casey
    • Special Jury Award for Acting - Ed Porter
    • Best Hometowner Feature

Official Selection:                                         


                "Heavily and beautifully stylised"
                     -Kate Wellham 
                                              The Telegraph UK

“both playful and innovative...It feels like something that really is the next step - a film that could play just as well on a laptop or a cell phone as in a theater. Moviemakers have been reaching to capture that for several years now, and this achieves that feeling.”
                     -Elvis Mitchell, former film critic-
                                    The New York Times

"beautifully photographed...fragmented and "bloggy",the film has a mysterious impact"
                                         -John Beifuss, The Commercial Appeal

"Hailed by critics as the Kids of our time, and perhaps the most successful attempt to make a movie for and of the ‘Facebook generation’, OMG/HaHaHa...certainly captures the zeitgeist, but displays sufficient wit and skill to ensure it's no mere time capsule compendium of current fads and trends.
...beautifully shot and edited"      
                       -Neil Young, Bradford International Film Fest

"OMG/HaHaHa, within the context of Fox's previous films, is probably most notable as a dramatic step forward visually, resulting in a film that works as well shot for shot as any local low-budget film in memory."
                                        -Chris Herrington, The Memphis Flyer

"Easily my favorite film of the festival, OMG/HAHAHA is a clever, self-aware reflection of this generation’s MySpace/YouTube/Facebook-saturated youth.  Constructed as a series of loosely- connected vignettes – with angsty stories ranging from unexpected pregnancy, to homophobia, to dying parents, and existential musings on life – the film touches upon the types of themes you would find on the most “professionally-Emo” kid’s MySpace page, with all the aptly included emoticons and web-jargon to boot.  In the Q&A following the film, director Morgan Jon Fox paid verbal homage to the clear influence of both Lars Von Trier and Gus Van Sant, who’s inspiration is clearly evident in OMG/HAHAHA’s improvisational style, cinemagraphic simplicity, and narrative structure.  Fox, a Memphis-native himself, also utilized local acting and musical talent to form the film, epitomizing the very nature, charm, and power of true grassroots Indie filmmaking."                        
                                                    -Meghan Chandler FILM CLICK, NYC

Cleverly reflective of today’s YouTube/MySpace generation, and shot in an improvisational, documentary style, OMG/HaHaHa opens a window to the lives of several young people in Memphis, TN. A teenager’s video blog frames the various stories, as he introduces his circle of friends and their troubles – from unexpected pregnancy to homophobia, break-ups to dying parents. From its attractive and talented actors’ naturalistic performances to its perfectly chosen soundtrack, OMG/HaHaHa impresses with a unique and inviting charm.     -NEWFEST, NYC