Kirsten's Story

Kirsten's foods...

"I have always loved pushing myself physically—whether competing as a rower or skier; exploring nature by kayak, scuba, bike, or foot; or trying something new, like carveboarding, surfing, or rock climbing.  I love adventure and can’t get enough of this mad world! 

Yet at times my health and energy have taken a dive.  I've worked long hours and earned good money, but had little time to eat well, stay fit, and enjoy friends, family, and fun.  At other times my work schedule has been more reasonable, but a small paycheck limited what I could afford to do.  This created different stresses on my relationships, lifestyle, and ultimately on my sense of self.

I knew there was a better way, and when I was introduced to coaching I knew I'd found my professional home.  Coaching embraces a principle I have long known to be true: what is "normal" is relative, so it is critical to know what makes sense for you."

Finding normal...

"Different norms are easy to see when you're comparing countries: a typical breakfast in Costa Rica is gallo pinto (beans and rice).  In Australia it may be Vegemite on toast.  In Spain 10:00 pm is the early side of dinner, while in the United States its the early side of bedtime!

So if we are eating different things and living different lifestyles, it just makes sense that we need different plans for our health and wellness.   And you don't need to compare Boston to Bangkok to find such diverse norms: 

A triathlete friend of mine is energized by hamburgers on long rides.  Another is a vegetarian. 

Many people love coffee.  Some prefer tea. 

Falling snow fires me up for a day of skiing. It makes my mum start shopping for flights to the Caribbean!

Perhaps the most amazing thing about life is that, like snowflakes, no two of us are the same.  As I’ve learned to live, eat, and love by tuning in to what works for me, my already rich life has just gotten better!  I am insatiably fascinated by what makes each of us unique; and I'm inspired by connecting with people to unleash their appetites to savor this wild world!"

Training & Community Action...

  • Education
    • Certified Advanced Professional Coach, American College of Sports Medicine
    • Certified Wellness Coach, American College of Sports Medicine 
    • Certified Holistic Health Coach, American Association of Drugless Practitioners
    • Graduate, Institute for Integrative Nutrition
    • MSc, Social Development Planning, University College London
    • BA Psychology/Philosophy, University of Vermont
  • Organizational Affiliations
    • Wilderness Therapy Guide, True North Wilderness Program
    • Certified Alpine Ski Coach, Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA)
    • Bicycle Safety & Maintenance Instructor, MassBike
    • Adviser, Sustainable Harvest International Smaller World's Committee

These experiences, combined with nearly ten years living and traveling overseas, provide Kirsten with a unique perspective on how to explore every corner of one's mind, body, and spirit to cultivate a lifestyle with playful curiosity, wellness, and a lasting joie de vivre! 

Tell me...what do you savor?

Kirsten L. Grieshaber,   MSc, CHC
Certified Health Coach & Consultant

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