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Our CCAC Volunteer Group



CCAC VOLUNTEERS has made a pledge to all animals that, through no fault of their own, have been thrust into our often cruel world, ending up at what will be the final crossroads of their life…the Animal Shelter. These poor, defenseless creatures deserve a second chance. Animal shelters’ biggest struggle comes from the lack of reliable volunteers.


Our mission is to recruit, train and schedule volunteers to provide physical exercise and companionship for all animals being cared for at the shelter.


CCAC VOLUNTEERS is planning special fundraising events and will apply for grants assisting CCAC firstly to implement rescue, foster, transport, vetting, vaccination, medicine and pre-spay/neuter to control the overpopulation of our county dogs and cats and secondly to build a new shelter.


To support local animal shelters and rescues.

CCAC VOLUNTEERS offers diverse opportunities to learn, gain new skills and experiences, meet new people and get involved in the community. Our volunteers exercise, socialize, walk, bathe, groom, foster, transport, hug and love each and every one of our furry friends. We would be honored to have you join our team!

We currently have 50+ volunteers but need a total of 100 volunteers to fill our Monday-Friday morning and afternoon shifts and to maintain a pool of substitutes.


Finally, we are thankful to CACC’s staff and ACOs for embracing our volunteer organization, to our community for adopting from its local shelter, and to rescue organizations for accepting our shelter animals on a regular basis.

Toddy H.: Pet Care Department Director

Tammy M., Michelle R.: Rescue/Transport

Kim R.: Foster Care

Jill H.: Animal Intake

Cadie P.: Volunteers, Newsletter

Mary H., Terri G.: Fundraising

Jennifer H.: T-shirts

Stephanie F.: Social Networking

The RESCUE PROGRAM at our shelter is coordinated by the shelter’s staff, local animal lovers, volunteers and rescue organizations.