Why Saving the Hall of Fame Game Matters

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Mr. Dupuy, Mr. Fehr and Mr. Petroskey,

    This year marks the 4th consecutive HOF game I've gone to with my son, who's now 10, my nephew (9) my brother and another father/son combination. My son's dream since he could talk was to play in the Major Leagues. He's played every since he could hold a ball, and continues to play baseball exclusively, year round. Aside from the HOF game, we've visited Cooperstown annually (since he was 3) as we're fortunate enough to live in the upstate NY area. Recently we've even incorporated an extra visit when we camp in the Cooperstown area.

    With all that baseball has survived, how can you not consider what the fans have had to also endure? MLB has certainly made it very difficult throughout my lifetime to remain a dedicated fan of the game. Aside from the things listed above, the cost alone for an average guy to take his son to watch his heroes play the game gets more and more out of reach. Having the HOF game kept it REAL and enabled the average guy like myself to not only attend a game, but attend a game at our most favorite place on earth-Doubleday Field in Cooperstown. Why does MLB continue to take away from the fans who truly want to keep baseball cherished and preserved?

The day this was announced, my son literally broke down and cried. I cried with him.

If there is an ounce of compassion in your bodies, you MUST reverse this decision.


David C.