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Subject: Please reinstate the Hall of Fame Game 


Dear Mr. Selig, Mr. Dupuy, Mr. Fehr and Mr. Idelson:

I am writing to ask you to please reinstate the annual Hall of Fame Game in Cooperstown. It is a tradition that is very important to baseball, its fans, the Village of Cooperstown, many residents of the area and Americans nationwide. Please do not let a nearly 70-year tradition come to an end.

The Hall of Fame Game has survived a world war, player strikes, steroids and more for almost 70 years in order to help maintain what is right and true about our national game. The Hall of Fame Game doesn't need TV ratings, ad revenue or 24-7 news-cycle hype to survive. It only needs 10,000 baseball fans -- young and old -- and two Major League teams for one day a year. That's all it takes to greatly impact a deserving community, and remind spectators and participants alike that baseball is a glorious game, and an undeniable part of American culture and identity.

Thank you.