Billerica Voters Win By a Landslide!

Save the Center

Billerica Rocks the Vote!

Over 10,000 residents voted today, a historic number for a local election.  Thank you for making the election process meaningful and reclaiming our voice.  

Voters were overwhelmingly against borrowing over $9 million for the Billerica Center Project.
Billerica rocks! 

Clearly the town needs you, objective residents, involved with our town government because the current leadership is desperately out of touch with Billerica resident needs and interests. 

I witnessed the transgressions against our citizens by three of our Selectmen. I demand better government, and I, George Simolaris, am asking you, my fellow citizens of Billerica, to please support me and our other fellow Billerica residents to come out and vote on Super Monday, November 19th. 

We need signs in peoples yards that show how many more days until the earth movers and dynamite specialists invade Billerica Center --  for more than two years . 

How could anyone ever want this?  

And to pay Millions of Dollars -- 20 million dollars or more [probably more]?  Now is the time to work, tell people to tell voters.  This is the key. 

We need voters to find out whats going on and to vote!!

George Simolaris

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