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Saugatuck Robotics - 5610

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Video Made by Marlaina Leo 

Lessons Learned - As a 1st Year Rookie Team: Advice to other Rookie Teams
-Expect that more things will get done at the very last minute during week 6 then the entire week 2.
-Enforce a 3 strike rule, if a team member misses 3 practices, it is time for them to try again next year. 
-You will get a million emails, make folders and organize them. Use a spreadsheet for passwords and software download locations.
-If you don't show up to the competition the night before (no matter how early you planned to arrive), people will freak out. 
-Information will be scattered about, students can find almost any required information with some decent search skills. 
-Andy Mark credits, research this process. It would be easy to mess this up and lose out on many supplies. 
-Request at least 3 adults to help run the program, insist on their regular attendance.
-The chassis kit that comes with the KOP (Kit of Parts) will barely make it through the season, using just two motors will help. 
-Be ready to be swamped by acronyms, EHO (everything has one). 
-The bag rule is very goofy, but they are very serious about this, make sure you only open it in 2 hour increments. 
-This is mostly about money, teams with more of it will even build two robots to avoid the bag rule, etc.
-This will be very new for most kids, they will exhibit a wide range of emotions.  

YouTube Video