Preparing students for their future requires using the tools and developing the skills of lifelong learning.  Through the careful integration of technology into many facets of our educational program we provide students the opportunities to leverage new approaches to learning.  Much of the drive for technology integration has come from the Technology Committee.  The committee, with representation from many stakeholders: teachers, parents, administration, technical staff, and industry has moved forward a number of school wide technology initiatives, provided professional development opportunities for teachers and staff, and supported innovative approaches and applications of technology in the classroom. In addition to the specific lists below, teachers at Kennett Middle School have used blogs, wikis, websites, email, Skype, YouTube, Voicethread and a host of other approaches and services to bring relevant technology into the hands of students.

School Wide Initiatives

  • Online Gradebooks
  • Google Apps For Education (GAFE) 
  • Accelerated Math

Curricular integration addressing specific NET-s learning standards

Grants and Training