May-June 2010

Jon Judge
From the desk of Neal Moylan:
It gives me great pleasure to announce the May-June teacher of the month is Mr. Jon Judge. 


 Nomination Letter

June 4, 2010


Dear Teacher of the Month Selection Committee:


It is my distinct pleasure to nominate Mr. Jon Judge as June’s teacher of the month. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Judge for about 25 years, first as one of his students and now for the past 12 years as his colleague.  I’m not sure you could find anyone in this building who does more for this school than JJ. He is the Social Studies Department Head, he coaches the Girls tennis team, is the timer for the girls field hockey team, the announcer and score keeper for all of the girls and boys basketball home games, he and his wife have chaperoned countless dances over the years, including Project Graduation, he is instrumental in organizing graduation and is the person who reads all of the graduates names.  On top of all of this he has served on numerous committees over the years.


Four years ago he was put in the awkward position of taking over as Social Studies Department Head following the untimely death of the beloved Gary Millen. We all knew Gary’s shoes would not be easy to fill. Jon did not lobby for this post, instead the department members got together and asked him to lead us through this difficult time. He reluctantly accepted the job, at first he only agreed to finish out the school year. The temporary post quickly turned into his permanent role that he has excelled at ever since.  His first full year as department head was very labor intensive as it involved preparing to move to the new school. During the last four years I have found him to be an excellent leader. Someone whom I feel comfortable talking to and going to for help. He is always willing to do everything in his power to accommodate our needs. This has included everything from helping with our technology needs to ensuring that we have adequate supplies to teach our classes.


Those that have been fortunate enough to work along side JJ or witnessed his teaching ability first hand know that he works as hard today (32 years into his career) as he did when he first started. I believe he has never missed a day of school in his time at Kennett (you can ask him to verify this), a truly remarkable accomplishment. Think about that for a second, never missing a single day of work in 32 years! This is inspiring to his colleagues as we know very well that he leads by example. The result is that he holds his colleagues and students to very high standards. One is sure to find JJ at school at some point over the weekend whether it is helping one of his tennis players reach the next level or working in his classroom tweaking a lesson plan he is preparing to deliver the following week.


JJ is truly a model teacher who Kennett will not be able to replace when he decides it is his time to retire. I am thankful for the time that I have had working with him. I am a better educator as a result.



Chris Bailey