Program Outcomes:

As a result of completing the CADD program students will understand that:

  • Presentation – Effective presentation of a design idea requires an understanding of the clients needs, a quality product and clear communication.

  • Drawing - Students understand that drawings communicate the essential features of a product.

  • Designing - Understand that design processes work to ensure the creation of a quality product that solves the given challenge and meets the client’s needs.

Program Competencies

  1. Understand the concepts of design intent and the options to solve the problem in communicating with the client.

  2. Understand the concepts, processes and procedures of the use of sketches to extend the design process.

  3. Understand the concept, procedure and use of replication in order to increase efficiency of design documentation.  

  4. Understand the concept and procedures for measuring in different coordinate systems.

  5. Understand the concept of planning drawings.

  6. Understand the concepts, processes and procedures of developing charts and schedules.

  7. Understand the concepts of dimensioning/measurement processes and procedures.

  8. Understand the concepts and procedures used to develop a design presentation.

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