If you have a talent, hobby, knowledge and a passion to share it with other interested adults, why not get paid to do it?!!! 

The next set of offerings will take place between March  and June 6th. 

Classes can be a single class or a series that can run up to eight weeks. It can be for one hour a night or three. It is your choice. 

Classes are offered Mondays- Thursdays. Classes can take place between the hours of 5:00 - 8:30 pm.  

You will get paid $25.00 per class teaching hour.


It can be related to your day job or something totally different- music, languages, art, crafts, technology, cooking, photography, 

computer software (Quick Books, Photoshop...), IPAD or IPhone Apps, Smartphone\Android use, health and exercise.... 

Classes do not necessarily have to take place here at the school. 

Want to teach fly fishing? 

Hiking skills? Kayaking?  

Meet here for first class then go- even on the weekends!


We provide the advertisement and registration for the class.


I am currently working on the line up for the semester so if you are interested in teaching a class, have suggestions for a class or can recommend an instructor, contact Deb Cottrell at d_cottrell@sau9.org