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Folk Art Rug Hooking  
Janet Conner

One form of appliqued table rug that became very popular during the mid to late 19th century was the “penny rug”,

so called because of the small circular patches of wool used to create geometric and pictorial scenes. After shearing, spinning, weaving and wearing one’s own wool, no one would throw away a piece of woolen fabric until it was smaller than a penny! Every scrap was recycled.  Soon creative stitchers developed images of flowers, urns, birds, and familiar animals in their penny rug appliques.  Each penny rug was further embellished by the use of simple embroidery stitches to hold each patch in place, and to add expressive detail.


In our penny rug making class, we will purchase a prepared kit of materials for a cost of $15-$75 (depending upon size) directly from the teacher. Each kit contains a unique selection of pre-washed and hand dyed wools, patterns and design suggestions, and even the embroidery needle and threads! Kit designs may be previewed on www.jconnerhookedrugs.com.  

Email fcjc@roadrunner.com to reserve your favorite!


The sequence and procedure of penny rug making will be demonstrated from start to finish. History, antique examples, and sources for purchasing more materials will be discussed.  Anyone who enjoys rug hooking, rug braiding, or quilting would enjoy making penny rugs, although absolutely NO prior experience is needed!

Meets        Wednesday        April 3rd        5:30 - 8:00 pm

Tuition    $50

Room      A158


If you enjoy being creative with fiber and color, this is the class for you. 
You will be lead through the process 
of wet felting and needle felting in a two hour workshop class. 
This is a hands on class be prepared to get your hands wet . You will be creating a small tapestry panel.

Meets     Tuesday April 9th

Room: A155

materials Fee: $25