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Anyone Can Cook     

Debra Cottrell

Whether you are a student, young adult, a junk food junky, inexperienced cook or bad cook you can learn 
to make good easy inexpensive meals from scratch. Learn what basic ingredients to buy and basic food 
preparation techniques that can allow you to make lots of different meals on a budget.

Meets   5:30-7:30 p.m.      

Tuition    $60

Room      C154

Bringing Healthy Ideas to the Family Table

Joel Weeman

Picky eater at your table? Kids only want to eat white bread and pasta? Join us as we explore some ways to expose 
our families to a healthier, more diverse diet. We will try some recipes to introduce your family to more fresh veggies, 
fruits and grains; from breakfast to dinner. Help your kids get excited about good food that is good for them and find
some recipes that get them into the kitchen as well.

Meets    6:00 - 8:00

Tuition $60
Course Material Fee: $60

Room  Mineral Springs Cafe  


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