Welcome to Mrs. Mann's First Grade!  I'm Karen Mann.  I moved to
 Mason 13 years ago from Florida where I taught for over 10 years.  Soon after my move, 
I was lucky enough to take over for the first grade teacher here in Mason, and have been here 
ever since!   I enjoy all types of travel, seeing friends and family, teaching children, riding on the back of our 
motorcycle, listening to most kinds of music, kayaking, and sleeping in on cozy Saturday mornings. This summer, 
our family (my husband Karl and our 17 year old daughter Kaydee) relaxed.  We took a vacation to Hampton Beach, and 
went on a couple of weekend camping trips in our motorhome.  We really enjoyed our above ground pool on the 
superhot days we had this summer! Below you'll meet Karmen.  We 
rescued her from Alabama in the spring of 2016 and she has some anxiety 
issues, but is an absolute cuddle princess.  We are crazy about her!  

 We are going to have a great year together here in our first grade classroom.
First grade is a huge year for the little ones! The curriculum is rigorous and the day is filled with learning.
 Teaching children to read is my passion.  The children will ALL learn to read this year.  It's true that reading 
will come easier to some than others.  But we will make learning to read fun, and I promise you will be amazed at your 
child's progress!  If your child is already reading, that is GREAT!  We will be working
on becoming more fluent and comprehending more thoroughly.  We've got a great deal of work ahead
of us to make this year both academically and socially successful for all of the children.  With your support, 
I know we can all reach our goals!      

Thank you! 
Mrs. Mann