General Information

All students in the Lebanon School District, K-12, are required to maintain their own digital Portfolio of Work. Upon graduation, students will have two linked portfolios, each a Google website; the first created from a website template in grades K-8 and the second built from scratch in grades 9-12. Students use the portfolios as a place to demonstrate their facility with technology, show how they've met each of the required technology standards, and to showcase their best work. 

Student digital portfolios are the means by which NH public school students demonstrate their information and communication technologies (ICT) literacy. NH Ed 306.42 which begins on page 75 of the NH Minimum Standards for Public School Approval, details requirements for school Information and Communication Technologies Programs

The digital tools and technologies referenced in NH Ed 306.42 are more fully explained in the ISTE Standards for Students (2016) , developed by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The technology integrated projects that our students complete in their classes, and the resulting artifacts which they upload to their portfolios each utilize one or more of these seven standards. All students will have utilized all seven standards by the end of 4th grade, again by the end of 8th grade, and once again by the end of 12th grade.

NH Ed 306.42 also references 21st century tools and the New Hampshire college and career ready standards. For more information on these topics, see The Partnership for 21st Learning's website, specifically their Framework for 21st Century Learning which outlines those tools and skills needed for students to succeed in 21st Century work and life; and the NH Department of Education's page on College and Career Ready Standards