Statistics Essay

Your Mission:  Get the FACTS!  Where is your country at 'statistically speaking?'  Find out statistical information about education, income, and more.  

Write a 5 paragraph essay which includes:
  • Introductory paragraph (introduce topic)
  • 3 supporting paragraphs (main points/subtopics)
  • Conclusion (this wraps everything up). 
  • MLA Citation for Sources
Use your own sources and suggested databases to research these "statistics" about your country. 

Cheat code:
Use Google Doc's research tool and Easy Bib Add on to get to the finish line fast.

Assignment Steps

Complete a prewriting activity by gathering facts about your country and the United States.  You will need to develop a plan for organizing your essay.  Use this Prewriting Organizer


Draft your own essay in Google Docs and Submit for Review.

Use recommendations from the Review/Feedback to Edit and Finalize.

Post your final draft to your PAC Portfolio.


Helpful Hint

While writing your essay follow these helpful hints.  You should begin with an introduction to your country citing a few notable facts.  Then, include supporting paragraphs that convey the statistical information with explanation of what the statistic means and how it relates (or not) to the United States.  "For example, the population density of the United Kingdom(659 people per square mile)  is much greater than that of the United States (81 people per square mile).  One contributing factor is that the United Kingdom is a much older country with a much smaller geographical mass.  The United States is over 3 billion square miles and the UK is only about 137 thousand!" - In this case you have represented two statistics in one paragraph. 


  • size of the country,
  • population,
  • population density, 
  • languages,
  • capital,
  • population of the three largest cities,
  • highest and lowest elevation, highest and lowest temperature,
  • literacy rate,
  • education system compared to our own,
  • number of doctors per 1,000 people,
  • life expectancy for both male and female,
  • infant mortality rate,
  • monetary unit,
  • type of government - (Socialist, dictatorship, democracy,)land forms, 
  • major physical features,
  • large bodies of water,
  •  language,  
  • major religions,
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