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Rationale behind the AAC Country Study "Portfolio" Project

"Social Studies isn't just the study of war and politics.  It is also about food, music, and culture.  We have the ability to bring all of this into the classroom now.  Finally, young people need to analyze and interpret new media; they need to produce and create, and they need to understand the ethical implications of their work and the new technologies."  Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap.

Title II Part D requirement from No Child Left Behind:
 Every student should be technology literate by the time they finish the 8th grade.

*NH Ed 306.42 Information and Communications Technologies
Calls for an integrated approach to using *21st century tools...and to create digital portfolio(s).*

Integrated & Collaborative Approach to Social Studies Curriculum
A department collaborative and the goal is for every EIGHTH GRADER to have the same technology and curriculum experience throughout the year. The project lends itself to other curriculum areas and our goal is to extend our collaboration beyond the Social Studies and Technology Departments

Ed 306.2 Outline

     1.  develop knowledge of ethical, responsible use of technology tools

     2.  proficient use of 21st century tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information...

          (w/in core subjects of reading, math, english, science, social studies, arts and world languages)

     3.  develop cognitive proficiency (literacy, numeracy, problem solving, decsion making, spacial/visual

     4.  develop tech proficiency at a foundational knowledge level in hardware, software, networking, digital tech

     5.  create digital portfolios that demonstrate use of**

          a.  basic operations (tech)

          b.  social/ethical issues (tech) - and represent ethical, responsible use

          c.  productivity tools (tech)

          d.  communications tools, (tech)

          e.  research tools (tech)

          f.  problem solving and decision making (tech)

ICT Literacy Standards are aimed for college and career readiness and includes reading and writing informational text...