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PAC Outcomes

At the end of this project, successful students will be able to:

1.  Use selected databases to gather facts and information to prewrite, draft, edit, review and complete a final  5 paragraph research essay with an introduction and conclusion, MLA style, with in-text citations and bibliography entries.

2.  Embed images and video with text to create multi-media presentations.

3.  Select an appropriate tool to create a graph that best represents the data with the proper elements of a graph including title, key, x/y axis labels and summarizing paragraphs.

4.  Creatively present an itinerary for a 5 day journey to another country in a multi-media format that includes images and text.

5  Create maps political and physical maps with scale, title, compass.

6.  Create a multimedia presentation to convey research on a significant person from a historical or cultural perspective.

7.  Create a multimedia presentation to convey native plant and wildlife from a country contrasting to what is indigenous to the US.

8.  Create a multimedia timeline that shows a historical perspective of another country to that of the United States.

9.  Draw a storyboard and use images, text, narration, and music to create a digital "story" / documentary movie of a significant event of the other country and make connections to how it has or could effect / impact the United States.

10.  Creatively form digital presentation of sound and imagery (with only captions) to tell a story or give a strong sense of what the selected country is like.

11.  Create a presentation that gives an overview of the main "type" of food that is prevalent in the selected country.  Identify key ingredients and make connections to why these dishes/ingredients are so popular.  Contrast and compare with American cuisine.