Timeline of Events

The purpose of this assignment is to build upon what you have already learned about your country!  You've studied statistics, "traveled" to some historical/cultural locations, and drawn maps of your country.  Now you can view your country in a historical perspective.   Some of the information you find you will have many connections to and other events will be completely new. 

Directions:  Research and plots 20/25 historical events for your country.  Include 20/25 dates of historical events in chronological* order with images or video for each one.  A bibliography citing all sources MLA styles is required.  Your project may be done as a Google Doc or a "Timetoast" timeline.  (Timetoast is very easy and fun to use!)  - Check out the "how to's" below:

*chronological orderthe arrangement of things following one after another in time: Put these documents in chronological order.  1776, 1861, 1922, etc

Google Doc Option

1.  Click on Documents

2.  Create>Document

3.  Name it - Timeline of Events in _____________ (country).

4.  Click on Share and change Private to Public.

5.  Create a table in the document - 4 columns x 12 Rows (Date, Image, Event, Explanation of Event)

6.  As you get images and information for each event, make sure you use Easybib to create a citation to place at the bottom of the page.  

See this example:  Timeline in Google Doc Example

Timetoast http://www.timetoast.com/plans